Hi! I'm Kiro, I'm genderfluid and use any pronouns, and I do a variety of things online! I'm primarily an artist, with a paricular affinity for funny guys and silly monsters. My primary project is my webcomic, Graveyard Getdown, but I also do a variety of other things, such as making YouTube videos featuring me and my friends!

Things I Would Recommend

VIDEO GAMES: Rhythm Doctor, Underhero, Wuppo, Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Indie Pogo, Bits & Bops, Rhythm Quest, Tres-Bashers

WEBCOMICS: PAY DAT RENT!!!1, First Contact, Kidutus, Synodic Link, Don't Screw This Up (and DSTU Classic), bungis (I contributed to this one!), What Happens Next, Preeny Has to Repeat 6th Grade

You can also find me at these places!