Graveyard Getdown is a webcomic on MSPFA about ghosts, monsters, and the quest to throw the greatest party ever.


Spookyee Booyah (any pronouns) is a ghost who wants to throw the greatest party the Underworld has ever seen. They're impulsive, excitable, and tend to pretend that they're more competent than they actually are. They're incredibly focused on their goal of throwing the Underworld's biggest party, much to the chagrin of their friends. Despite their rather brash demeanor, they genuinely care about their friends.

Jaquelin O'Lantern (he/they) in a jack-o-lantern and Spookyee's best friend. The two have known each other since they were young, and have been fairly close ever since. He's a bit more reserved than his excitable ghost friend, but he isn't opposed to goofing off or doing something impulsive when the situation arises, although he tends to be the voice of reason more often than not. Jaquelin is currently tagging along with Spookyee just because it's nice to hang out with your friends from time to time.

Mernada Seprum (trans, she/her) is a mummy who does freelance programming work, who occasional dabbles in digital art. Mernada is quick to question the things happening around her, although her personality can be dry and off-putting to those who've just met her. She's currently following Spookyee because she was technically an accomplice by helping Spookyee break into the Graveyard's bank.


The comic can be read from its beginning here!

LAST UPDATE: 10/31/2023 (4 pages)